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1974     (==>  Bob Meyer)

1978     (==>  Jason Hart)

1979     (==>


Abandoned Love

Advertisements, use of songs in ads for Greek beer, accounting firm, Canadian bank

African American Culture and Bob Dylan: Why He Matters

American Pie, Dylan references in


Ballad Of A Thin Man, homosexual content of

Ballad Of Donald White, the source of

Bauldie, John

Beacon Theater, unexpected exit through audience

Beatles (==>   The Blacklisted Journalist)

Biograph, remastered reissue of

Biography  (==> Rachel Klingberg)

Blood On The Tracks, Pete Hamill's liner notes to first pressing     (==>   Book Of Bob)

Bolton, Michael, co-writer of Steel Bars

Booing of Dylan by folkies in 1965

Bootleg industry in Japan (Matthew Zuckerman newspaper article)

Bootleg Series, Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased) (The), remastered reissue of

Bootlegs, ethics of

Bootlegs, Top Ten List

Boots, CD, vinyl . . .


Cancelling articles posted to or HYW61-L, information on how to

Carter, Rubin     (==>   Who's Who)

CD-Rs     (==>   Arthur Louie)

CEDAR     (==>

Chords  (===> Eyolf ěstrem)

Christianity     (==>  Bill Parr)

Clothes line...  (==> Rachel Klingberg)

Cohen, Leonard, a comparion of his and Dylan's song writing visions


Desolation Row, breakdown during performance of

Dillon, as source of name "Dylan"

Draft status

Dunblane Against Guns, charity CD with added verse to Knockin' On Heaven's Door


EDLIS - Advice, Policies and Training

Elvis Presley

Escaping On The Run


Fake 1966 concert poster

Flagging Down The Double Es, what are "double Es"

Flakes (Zappa parody of Dylan)

Flowers, wearing at concerts as the sign of

Fourth Time Around, similarity to Norwegian Wood

French introduction of Dylan in Houston (November 12, 1981)

Frequently Asked Questions for     (==>   John Howells' FAQ page)

Frequently Unanswered Questions for


Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 (The)

Gold (remastered) CDs

Gold/Platinum Statistics     [===> Robin Jatko]

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome Columbia recording artist, Bob Dylan!

Great White Wonder

Guitars Kissing & The Contemporary Fix


Highway 61 Interactive & Sound

Hospitalization with histoplasmosis in 1997

Hurricane (Rubin Carter)     (==>   Who's Who)



Japan 1997, Itsuko Nishimura tour reports     (==>   Sadiejane)

Jingles, use of songs as

John Wesley Harding, Beatles' faces in the bark on the cover of

"Judas" Concert (Manchester 17 May 1966)


Knockin' On Heaven's Door, added verse on Dunblane charity CD


Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hats re-Revisited

Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts, only live performance, Salt Lake City, May 25, 1976

Lily, Rosemary & the Jack of Hearts, screenplay

Little Sussie Shallow Throat (last track on the bootleg Hard To Find)


Lyric analysis     (==>   Crazy Chester)





Mondegreens     (==>   Bringing It All Back Home, Am I Right)

Moon Pie

Moonshine (ballet set to Dylan songs)

Motorcycle accident in 1966, model of Triumph Dylan was riding

Mr. Jones

Myths     (==>   GVP)


New York City, Walkin'     [===> Rachel Klingberg]

Nobel Prize nomination

Non-circulating shows 1975-1997


Oates, Joyce Carol, dedication of short story to Dylan

O'Connor, Sinead, booing at 30th Anniversary Concert

Oh Mercy outakes

One More Cup Of Coffee, fan kills mother while listening to

Origin of name "Dylan"


Passes     (==>  Paul Cooper)

Passport birth date / height (on The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3 booklet)

Positively 4th Street, at whom is it directed

Private concert for Japanese brokerage firm


Queen Jane


Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, meaning of title

Repetitively Released Song Versions


Setlists, concerts for which no setlists or incomplete setlists are known to exist

Setlists     (==>   Bill Pagel)

Setlists     (==>   Bruce Hughes)

Shelter From The Storm, version on Jerry Maguire soundtrack

Silvio, not referring to Cuban poet/songwriter Silvio Rodriguez

Song titles, alternatives     (==>   Laguna)

Space travel, aversion to

Steel Bars, co-written with Michael Bolton


Ten of Swords

Thirtieth Anniversary Concert

Tokyo International Forum shows (February 1997), review of

Top Ten Bootlegs List


Under The Red Sky, liner notes offer

Unplugged, Dylan's MTV Unplugged appearance


VCD      (==>  Oleg Heifetz)
Video      (==>  Stephen Dunthorne)
Vinyl in print
Visions of Johanna      (==>  Who's Who)


Wallflowers UseNet Newsgroup     (==>




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